November 4, 2016

Python for Beginners


Everything you want to know about Python as a software professional


This course focuses on common use cases in Python scripts and most important professional topics in python like debugging / ides but doesn’t cover Web Programming/System Programming/Database programming in Python.

1. Introduction – We look at why Python is used and by whom, its strengths and its weaknesses.
2. Running Python programs – We learn about the Python Interpreter, Implementations .
3. Introducing Python Object Types – We take a quick look at Python’s built in Types.
4. Numeric Types – We look at numeric types, literals, conversions and floating point precision.
5. Sets and Booleans – We take a closer look at sets in Python 2.7 and 3.0 as well as Booleans.
6. Dynamic Typing – A closer look at Dynamic typing and how objects and their types are related
7. Strings – We look at String literals, operations and formatting.
8. Lists and Dictionaries – We take a closer look at Operations for these types.
9. Tuples – Conversions methods immutability and Tuples vs Lists.
10. Files – Opening reading and writing Files, text and binary modes, iterating over files.
11. More Python Syntax – We learn about Statements, Assignments, Expressions, and Prints

12. if – We learn about if, else and else if

13. while and for Loops – We learn about While and for Loops, continue and break with examples.

14. Iterations and Comprehensions – We learn about the Iteration protocol, List Comprehensions, Map, Reduce and Filter.

15. Documentation – We learn about the dir function, Docstrings and PyDoc
16. Function Basics – We learn how to declare and call functions with examples
17. Scopes – We learn the Scope Rules, Name resolution, builtins and Nested scopes
18. Arguments – We learn all about arguments , required, keyword arguments with multiple examples
19. Recursions and Lambdas – We learn the more advanced function programming concepts of recursions and lambdas
20. Modules: We learn how to create and import from Modules, the search Path for modules and the use of files to create packagesAll this will be followed by sample programs and hands on practice on all above topics live with the trainer.