October 31, 2016

Python Enthusiasm with Raspberry Pi (Advance)

Python Enthusiasm with Raspberry Pi (Advance)

Raspberry Pi for Python Programmers

Over 50 easy-to-comprehend tailor-made recipes to get the most out of the Raspberry Pi and unleash its huge potential using Python

1: Getting Started with a Raspberry Pi

Networking and connecting your Raspberry Pi to the Internet via the LAN connector , Configuring your network manually, Networking directly to a laptop or computer, Networking and connecting your Raspberry Pi to the Internet via a USB Wi-Fi dongle, Connecting to the Internet through a proxy server, Connecting remotely to the Raspberry Pi over the network using VNC , Connecting remotely to the Raspberry Pi over the network using SSH (and X11 Forwarding) , Sharing the home folder of the Raspberry Pi with SMB , Keeping the Raspberry Pi up to date.

2: Starting with Python Strings, Files, and Menus

Working with text and strings, Using files and handling errors, Creating a boot-up menu, Creating a self-defining menu.

3: Using Python for Automation and Productivity

Using Tkinter to create graphical user interfaces, Creating a graphical application Start menu, Displaying photo information in an application, Organizing your photos automatically.

4: Creating Games and Graphics

Using IDLE3 to debug your programs, Drawing lines using a mouse on Tkinter Canvas, Creating a bat and ball game, Creating an overhead scrolling game.

5: Creating 3D Graphics

Starting with 3D coordinates and vertices, Creating and importing 3D models, Creating a 3D world to roam in, Building 3D maps and mazes.

6: Using Python to Drive Hardware

Controlling an LED, Responding to a button, A controlled shutdown button, The GPIO keypad input, Multiplexed color LEDs.

7: Sense and Display Real-world Data

Using devices with the I2C bus, Reading analog data using an analog-to-digital converter, Logging and plotting data, Extending the Raspberry Pi GPIO with an I/O expander , Sensing and sending data to online services.

8: Creating Projects with the Raspberry Pi Camera Module

Getting started with the Raspberry Pi camera module, Using the camera with Python, Generating a time-lapse video, Creating a stop frame animation, Making a QR code reader .

9: Building Robots

Building a Rover-Pi robot with forward driving motors, Using advanced motor control, Building a six-legged Pi-Bug robot, Avoiding objects and obstacles, Getting a sense of direction.

10: Interfacing with Technology

Automating your home with remote sockets, Using SPI to control an LED matrix, Communicating using a serial interface , Controlling the Raspberry Pi over Bluetooth , Controlling USB devices.