November 1, 2016

Learn Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi


The focus of this course is to learn how to combine the power of Kali Linux with the portability and low cost of a Raspberry Pi.If you are new to penetration testing and want to get hands on experience without spending a ton of money on expensive hardware, then this course for you..

1: Raspberry Pi and Kali Linux Basics

2: Preparing the Raspberry Pi

3: Penetration Testing: helps you to understand network scanning, wireless hacking, man-in-the-middle attacks, and breaking encrypted communications.

4: Raspberry Pi Attacks: gives you an overview of methods used to exploit targets using attack tools, social engineering, phishing, and rogue access honeypots.

5: Ending the Penetration Test: helps you to capture results for reporting and covering your tracks after a penetration test.

6: Other Raspberry Pi Projects: gives you an overview of other penetration testing arsenal, defence tools, and additional Raspberry Pi use cases.